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Give your Dad a special gift this Father’s Day

On Sunday 19th June we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day in the form of cards, breakfast in bed and maybe a pair of socks or two. We all know how great our Mums are but Father’s Day is all about dads. He's your taxi driver. Money-lender. Bedtime-story reader. And he'll...

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Good News For Cigar Lovers

US president Barack Obama has become the first US president to visit Cuba since the 1959 Cuban revolution heralding a new era in Cuban / US relations. The revolution saw a troubling time for the world as political ideologies in Cuba changed and relationships between...

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First it’s our board games, next the world!

DeepMind, Google’s artificially intelligent computing system has beaten one of the world’s top ‘Go’ players in a first to 5 match challenge in Seoul, South Korea. Whilst it’s not a first, computers have beaten humans before in games like, chess, draughts (checkers)...

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10 top tips on how to look after your jewellery

Believe it or not Women age 40 typically have a jewellery collection worth £6,000! What’s more just 33 percent of this jewellery is regularly worn which means the remaining two-thirds is often left in a jewellery box. So how do you look after all that valuable...

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