US president Barack Obama has become the first US president to visit Cuba since the 1959 Cuban revolution heralding a new era in Cuban / US relations.

The revolution saw a troubling time for the world as political ideologies in Cuba changed and relationships between the US and Cuba fell apart. Cuba’s request of the Soviet Union to place nuclear missiles on Cuban soil took the world to the brink of an unimaginable war, with the worlds two biggest super powers standing toe to toe.

Whilst the threat of war subsided, the relationship never thawed and the strict trade embargos imposed by the US significantly reduced trade between Cuba and the outside world.

53823371_sAs tensions between the two nations relax and friendships begin this could signal an era of prosperity for Cuba. With new opportunities to promote the country and culture and a lifting of embargos that will open up the ability to trade, the economy is set to see a boost. A favourite export has always been the Cuban Cigar. Difficult to get hold of for many, for quite a while but now, hopefully we will see the variety and quality available grow and improve. Our cigars humidors are designed to ensure cigars are kept at a consistent humidity level. With a combination of classic design, detailed craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, they provide an element of luxury to a practical requirement.

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