Hillwood Touchscreen 4 Watch Winder in Laminated Makah Burlwood Veneer


This fully programable automatic 4 watch winder is made from the finest laminated makah burlwood veneer giving it luxurious high gloss shine. It is lined with soft simulated suede to  enhance the design and protect the watches stored inside. The door has a catch key lock to keep it closed and secure. There is pull out drawer in the base for miscellaneous storage.

Twin internal LED lights can be turned on or off as required to enable viewing of the watches in low light conditions. There are red , blue , green and regular lighting options. All fully customisable.

Individual spring loaded watch holders will keep watches securely in place during winding. The superior new clip fitting design of the holders means adding and removing watches is an effortless task. Designed for watches both large and small the spring loaded expanding holders can take a watch up to 60mm wide with a wrist size from 180mm – 220mm or (7”–8¾”).

Touch Screen Program Function

The winder is fitted with a fully programmable touch screen energy efficient LCD control panel and has precision motors to allow for exceptional low noise running.

To enable the precision setting of each individual rotor each winder can be programmed with as many or as few TPD (turns per day) as required for all individual makes and models of watches. We recommend checking with your watch manufacturer for the precise settings for your watch.

Standard settings include clockwise , anti clockwise and bi-directional options. Quick pre sets of 360 , 672 , 864 , 960 , 1080 , 1440 ,1800 and 2181 TPD  rotations are available for instant use. Each winder can also be manually set from 16-9999TPD in increments of 16.

It is mains operated comes with a mains adapter included.

Size: 35cm x 25cm x 21cm

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